2011 Point7West Achievement Award
2 years 32 weeks ago

Every year at Point7West, we present one member of our company with an award for outstanding achievement.  The award is meant to symbolize both outstanding growth in their position and expertise in the field.  The 2011 Achievement Award recipient is  Desiree Windsor.  After starting in late 2008, Desiree has become a crucial part of our team.  In a business where organization and leadership are vital, Desiree has adapted and excelled in every sense of the word.  Let us all collectively congratulate Desiree. Here is what some of her colleagues have to say:

Simply put, the perfect person for the 2011 P7W Achievement Award.  Desiree Windsor handles multiple complicated tasks with precision, focus and passion.  Point7West is an intense creative environment challenged with exciting and complex jobs everyday.  Desiree excels in multiple areas throughout the company effectively working as an account executive and production manager.  A seasoned team player wearing two hats with a smile, Desiree manages to raise to the occasion surpassing expectations while staying completely focused and adding value to every project.  I commend her resilience and ambition for perfection because it truly shows in our success!”
-Steven Richardson, Founder

All of us at Point7West wear many hats and perform many duties that are beyond “our title”, however this year I feel Desiree has exemplified what it means to be Point7West’s 2011 employee of the year.  This past year I was completely impressed with her desire to understand the technicalities in a post-production pipeline as well as her ability to translate that knowledge to the client in a non-technical way.  Desiree’s professionalism and ability to handle two distinct departments – Post Production & Production are equally impressive.  She continuously gives 100% each day every day and does so with an attitude that is friendly and inspirational.”
-Steve Tharp, Art Director

"I spend a lot of time with Desiree on production and she has learned so much on the set this past year. She's grown as a leader, is able to handle high stress, complicated shoot schedules, and can 'do it all' in the office as well. She has worked hard for everything she's earned. Congratulations."
-Todd Robles, Production

“Everyone in the company is talented, dedicated, creative and all possess a work ethic that is not only rare, but unparalleled. But someone who deserves to be recognized above and beyond is Desiree Windsor. She has grown in our company from a young kid to a multitasking machine. She handles clients, finances, mood swings, production, travel, etc - - and does it thoughtfully and gracefully. She is a consummate professional and is always striving to learn and grow - which is why she is such an asset to Point7West. We are lucky to have her as a part of our team.
-Jackie Robles, Executive Producer

“When you have a small company, everyone needs to excel at many positions. No one has more responsibilities both in the field and in the office than Desiree. Production and Post Production are two completely different animals and it takes skill to volley back and forth between the two daily. What’s even more impressive is to see the transformation. Entering into an industry green and in two years becoming an indispensable member of the team isn’t something everyone can accomplish. Controlling talent, scheduling projects, managing production; with Desiree it’s good to know that everything is taken care of from the beginning.”
-Dan Mansfield, Producer