The Guide to Short Video Production for Businesses to Provide Value and Increase Their Customer Base
35 weeks 2 days ago

The methods used to produce short videos have changed in tandem with technological advances. As a result, it is common to see many high quality short films online. Short video production involves a number of processes, including:

•    Creating the right setting
•    Lighting
•    Recording sound
•    Photography
•    Music
•    Editing

All the processes require artistic knowledge and creativity. Video producers aim at stimulating viewers by the way they use media in general, including the quality of sound and images. The reason is that every aspect of the production is meant to manipulate feelings.

Important Areas

Short video production focuses on two main areas: story and environment.

Every short video aims to tell a story. Whether it’s a corporate video, short music video or an advanced home video, the producer must demonstrate a sound knowledge of the story to effectively tell the story in a short video production. The main question to ask is: What does the presentation want to accomplish?

While this may seem obvious, many producers do not seem to know what they want to say. The producers must know the idea they want the viewers to have. What is it that the viewer should get from the message? Should they convey the message to colleagues, follow teachings or be inspired to improve?

A short film should not only have a message, but also focus on the significance of that message. The video producer must focus on inspiring the targeted audience and help them remember the message.

The setting or environment where the subject of the message is placed is another important area in producing a short film. The subject is just a part of everything seen in the video, and what appears in the foreground and background should enhance the video.

While it is not always possible to choose the environment to capture the subject, the shot must still be captivating. Do the shadows and lighting in the background enhance the scene or distract? Creating the setting that brings a video to life does not have to involve a lot.

There are so many questions involved when producing a short video for business. Seeking the right company to provide short video production services will help your business marketing focus on the right story to show your consumers.

How Travel and Adventure Video Production for Business Benefits from the New Social Commerce Technology to Increase Customer Bookings
36 weeks 1 day ago

The world is truly your oyster. Most people today would not have known as much as they do now about the world without the Internet. New technology has given people the ability to see and research information in a way that was never possible through books. Today, more than 58% of people use smartphones to surf the web in just one hour!

With all of the new ways to connect to the web, there are two things that keep colliding to produce a new way of marketing and commerce. These two things have become social commerce. It is not just about sending messages to another person anymore. Now, people can broadcast to a small to large audience. They have the power to review and inspire in real time on places like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and more.

The social commerce also provides the ability to curate ideas from a larger network of communities available, while making their online experience more personal.

Here’s some trends that can help with your travel and adventure video production:

Be With the Customer:

Google’s Traveler’s Road to Decision poll shows over 80% of people begin a travel experience by first going online to view professional travel and adventure video production videos. They acquire videos from destinations that provide professionally made travel and adventure video production. Through Internet searches, they can view purchase options for accommodations, sightseeing opportunities and transportation.

The average consumer of vacation videos makes between 18-21 search engine searches over eight sessions before purchasing a venue. In the process, they explore the Internet using Google, social sites like Pinterest and Facebook, YouTube, review sites, and booking reservationists.

Your travel and adventure video production will never be found if you are not in an Internet location where they visit often. Being there means being where they are searching, sites they frequent, and sites they check on mobile. You must optimize all of them from mobile to search and busy targeted websites so you can be found.

The Era of the Review:

Reviews are performed during the social experiences. The challenge for you to overcome is that you cannot change what reviews are given. Therefore, your social media must be towards marketing and customer service to show positive reviews about your company. Talk to customers in stories, not marketing. Think of a story over a search result. Storytelling is both the how and why adventure travel will grow. The best way to accomplish storytelling in a visual medium is through professional videos for business.

How Explainer Video Production for Online Videos Benefits Your Business by Providing Your Target Market What They Need
37 weeks 3 days ago

Our business video services, including promotional video and animations, are uniquely creative while remaining focused on marketing. Explainer videos are brief but enjoyable clips containing explanations of brands, new products, business processes or concepts. For website owners, explainer videos are especially valuable in the form of commercials, marketing animations or start-up clips. Some of these videos, especially in animation video production, feature animated characters. However, other clips are based on pictures or text and guided by a narrator's voice.

You may wonder how explainer videos give the most value to website owners. Here's a look at some of the best situations for their use:

•    For including an explainer video on the homepage of a website
•    For preparing the launch of a new product to the open market
•    For giving detailed directions on how to utilize equipment, products or machines
•    For detailing the workings of an app
•    For showing how a certain business procedure is performed in the workplace
•    For detailing the workings of a product to a potential investor

Explainer videos can be valuable in a wide range of common business situations. Although a majority of these videos are less than five minutes in length, quite a bit of craftsmanship goes into the making of a clip. For example, the initial step in explainer video production is a thorough study of the marketing brief. It is vital to understand the message the client wants to convey through this video.

Next, the audio script is written. For any video to be met with success, it has to have a well-written script that the audience will enjoy. In order to ensure that the video is completed as desired, it must be divided into three distinct parts. First, the problem at hand must be laid out. Next, the weak points of competitors must be illustrated. Finally, the solution offered by the featured brand is conveyed.

The Top 5 Video Ideas for Homebuilder Video Production to Create Online Videos that Increase Sales and Trust with Potential Customers
38 weeks 23 hours ago

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are having a direct impact on homebuilder video production. Gone are the days when it was enough to have a beautiful collection of photographs of homes that your company built to show to customers.

Now, homebuyers are not happy unless they are able to go on a 3-D virtual tour, and see an interactive slideshows featuring photographs of homes that your company built. Homebuyers also expect to see professional videos for business.

Customers have been bombarded with a plethora of worthless marketing videos. For this reason, when they look at the promotional videos for your homebuilding company, they want to see videos that are of value. They want to receive education from the videos that your company creates. If you are able to create videos that are both entertaining and informative, your company’s credibility will increase.

The following are five things that you can do for high quality video ideas:

1. Record Conversations with Your Company CEO and Staff

Customers get a glimpse of the individuals who work behind the scenes in your company in this type of video. Use these as an opportunity to allow your CEO and other key individuals to answer questions that are frequently asked by your customers.

These questions could include:

When should I buy a home?
How will home ownership affect my taxes?
When is the best time of the year to build?
What is the local area around the home like?
What would it be like living there day to day? You can show a fast paced video of life around the neighborhood.

Creating this type of online video for business will provide the customer with valuable information.

2. Teach Buyers about Financing a Home

One of the most stressful parts about purchasing a new home is trying to understand the guidelines associated with finance. These guidelines are constantly changing, and the Internet and other places are full of misleading information about them. So use your company’s video presentation to educate buyers and help them remove any fears that they might have about the financing process.

3. Show potential homebuyers what they will get when they work with you.

For most people, the biggest financial decision they will ever make in their lives, is buying a home. So why not use your marketing and promotional videos to put their minds at ease and help them see exactly what they will get from you when they work with you and your company to build their dream home or buy a home already built. This will increase their confidence in you and will increase your sales.

4. Include Real-Life Testimonials from past Customers

Why not invite homeowners who have already purchased from you to sit down and discuss the home buying process on video. When potential customers see the testimonial of these happy homeowners, they will see themselves as happy as your customers and know they are in the right hands.

When past customers give testimonials about the home buying process, have them be specific about what they gained from working with you. The more specific they are, the more compelling their testimonials will be.

5. Visit trade shows and interview experts.

Visit a trade show and sit down with individuals who are experts in different fields connected to your industry. Interview them on video. Ask them specific questions connected to the home building market. It will be easier for you to interview these individuals at trade shows because they will all be in the same place. You may need to set up a time to talk with them in advance to make a connection before interviewing them and ensure you get the interview.

How to Choose the Right Professional Video Production Company to Create Business Videos that Get Results
39 weeks 3 days ago

Once you start searching for a production company to produce an online video, you will find that there are hundreds of companies vying for your business. The process can be overwhelming. Instead of searching for the right company by watching hundreds of sample videos, and trying to pick a company based off of a video, ask yourself a few very important questions.

These points should help guide your decision and take some of the stress out of your search process. Remember, you want to find a video production company that is able to reflect your company creatively with a streamlined process to production and finalizing your online video.

1. Talk to a representative of the company.

The first rule of thumb is to talk to a representative at any video marketing company you are considering. When you have a consultation call with the representative, pay attention to the questions they ask you. They need to ask detailed questions about your company to ensure you have the right video created for your marketing project. If they do not ask detailed questions about your company, this should raise an immediate red flag.

Ask questions about the types of video services offered. Within the first few of minutes of conversation, you should get a good idea on how much they care about you and your business. You need to choose a professional video production company that will be dedicated to your project while offering professional video services that will ensure the project is successful.

2. Do they really fit with your company?

Determine if their business culture is a good fit with yours. One of the worst mistakes a company can make is choosing to work with another company that is the total opposite from their belief structure and values. While you can learn a lot about a company by reviewing their electronic media, such as blogs, portfolio reviews, and initial telephone interviews, it is also important to meet them in person. Meeting them in person is the best way to determine if this company is able to provide professional video services that will help your business. You need to make sure you are hiring the right video production company with a track record for making professional business videos.

3. Ask questions!

Don't be afraid to ask the company for new, creative, ideas. You want to find a professional video production company that has completed unique projects, not just cookie cutter video portfolios. With so many video marketing companies out there, there are bound to be a lot of repetition in video samples. Choose a company that will make a stand out, memorable video that shows your potential customers what your business product or service does through story.


Make sure to ask the company to pitch you a few ideas first. A true professional video production company will expect this and should be able to give you some new ideas.

4. Do they fit your budget?

After you talk to several video marketing companies, decide which company fits your budget. Carefully review the costs involved in marketing video creation services. Prices can vary considerably and can be accurate reflections of the finished product. Price is always going to be a consideration, but hopefully it doesn't have to be the most important one. There is no right or wrong answer. All that really matters is whether or not you like the finished video.

5. Learn the lingo.

There will come a time where you will start to wonder about the technical parts of the video production if you use videos for business in your marketing plan often. After talking with several professional video services, you will become familiar with some of the terms. Terms like “production” and “sound quality” may take on new meanings for you. You will learn enough to understand the importance of lighting and sound. If you are learning the lingo, you may want to work with a company that will explain the process of their professional video services so that you can develop a level of trust and expectation with the company. When you know what to expect, and see results from your business video, you will know that your marketing budget is well spent.